Data Breach Incident Response Lawyers

Cybersecurity and Data Breach Incident Response Lawyers in Southlake Texas for North America

Every business collecting, using, maintaining, or storing electronic data is at risk for a security incident. Even those companies who have implemented the most advanced security initiatives are not immune from data breaches. Scott & Scott helps its clients prepare for and mitigate the liability, costs, and brand-damage associated with data security breaches or incidents.  Our clients trust us to implement preventive measures to minimize the threat of a notice-triggering event, including privacy policies and procedures, ongoing privacy training, and proactive technology measures such as data encryption.

When inevitable data security breaches occur, Scott & Scott advises clients on appropriate breach notification requirements and takes immediate remedial action in accordance with the law while simultaneously working to minimize the legal liabilities, damage to reputation, and costs associated with a data breach. After a security incident occurs, time is of the essence. Scott & Scott’s team of attorneys has the expertise necessary to investigate the incident and take appropriate action within the statutorily required timeframes. We also work to prevent businesses from over-notifying, which can be detrimental financially and to the corporate reputation.  If your company has experienced a data breach, contact Scott & Scott for a free consultation.

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