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If you have been contacted by Informatica LMS, you need experienced counsel to protect your business. Scott & Scott, LLP is one of the only U.S. firms with a dedicated practice group focusing on defending companies accused of software piracy by Informatica. Our lawyers have counseled many businesses in your situation. Our lawyers and technology professionals have the technical and legal skills necessary to vigorously fight for your interests against an Informatica Audit.

Scott & Scott, LLP represents clients in Informatica audits, which are typically conducted by Informatica (“LMS”), a team of internal auditors.  Our lawyers and technology consultants are familiar with the data collection process used by Informatica LMS and the strategies used by Informatica’s compliance teams in negotiating audit resolutions. We can assist your company with all phases of the Informatica audit process.

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Companies with hosting operations, international datacenters, or other, atypical IT architectures can face significant exposure during Informatica audits. Our typical scope of work includes controlling the auditors’ data requests, analyzing findings, negotiating settlements, and evaluating current and prospective licensing needs. If you have any questions regarding Informatica licensing obligations or audit processes, we can help.

Commonly, a target of an Informatica audit will receive a letter from Informatica LMS demanding the business’ cooperation in disclosing the number of Informatica installations on its network. It is not uncommon for Informatica LMS to assert it has received information that indicates you have more installations of Informatica software than you are licensed to use.

Targets who receive letters from Informatica LMS should treat the matter very seriously. It is important to know your legal rights and protect your legal position before responding to a request for an Informatica audit.

In many cases, Informatica LMS demands a settlement payment calculated as the MSRP of the allegedly unauthorized products installed on your network and may demand compensation for backward looking  maintenance and support.    The calculation of damages arising out of Informatica audits is a hotly contested issue.

When responding to Informatica audit requests, you should work with experienced counsel to thoroughly investigate the software usage on your computers, protect yourself by requesting an agreement from Informatica regarding the use of the materials that will be produced in the audit, and negotiate a resolution geared toward ensuring future compliance.  Our lawyers and technology professionals can guide you through every step of the Informatica audit process.

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