Why Businesses Should Approach ChatGPT with Caution

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One of the most popular discussions in technology conferences around the globe at the moment is artificial intelligence, specifically OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool. If you have not used it yet, ChatGPT is tool that allows a...

How MSPs Can Avoid Uncovered Claims

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Why MSP’s Should Align the Indemnity Section of the MSA with the Wrongful Act Definition in the Insurance Policy When entering into an IT services contract, it’s important to make sure that the indemnity provision...

IBM Software Audits Complicated by Diverse License Types

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Businesses that have endured software audits from industry groups like the BSA and the SIIA or from software publishers like Autodesk likely are familiar with the basic audit process of counting the total number of...



How MSPs Can Limit Legal Liability

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MSPAlliance, 1/16/20 Managed services providers today need protection more than ever. That’s because MSPs face more risks—not only cybersecurity and data privacy challenges, but compliance, profitability, technology and vendor issues, along with increased competition.



Limitations of Liability in AI Contracts

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Thomson Reuters and Celesq Webinar May 19, 2020 Adoption of AI technology within a business carry’s unique risks not present on premises software or non-AI based cloud solutions. It is common for technology vendors to...


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5 IP Protections for AI Contracts

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Speaker: Robert J. Scott Date: March 4, 2020 Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Central Artificial intelligence (“AI”) is reshaping the business of IT from the farms to the trading desks on Wall Street. Gartner...



Products Liability and Kaseya’s Ransomware Attack

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The recent ransomware attack involving Kaseya’s VSA product has left managed service providers (“MSPs”) and end users evaluating what, if any, legal recourse they may have against Kaseya. The onerous limitations of liability provisions and...

Kaseya Ransomware Attack: Does Negligence in Security Affect Liability?

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Kaseya, a large technology solutions company, recently reported that its on-premises VSA product was the “victim of a sophisticated cyberattack.” (See generally, Kaseya’s announcements here). Specifically, third-parties were able to access computer endpoints using Kaseya’s...