Technology Litigation & Arbitration Attorneys

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Chosen by some of the world’s largest corporations and industry leaders, Scott & Scott’s litigators consistently provide clients aggressive representation in intellectual property, commercial, and insurance defense cases in trial and appellate courts.

We have extensive experience creating successful litigation strategies tailored to your unique business needs and apply those strategies in a way that is designed to produce a favorable outcome efficiently.

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Our copyright infringement litigation team includes both intellectual property litigators and technology experts who have the experience to identify, license, protect, and defend our clients’ copyrights and copyrightable material in every medium.

We work together with our clients to design and implement the strategy intended to get the best and most efficient result.

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Our experienced trademark attorneys aggressively litigate cases involving trademarks, including enforcement of trademarks, defending claims of trademark infringement, and unfair competition matters. 

Examples of unfair competition matters are: trade dress, false designation of origin, trade secrets, and false advertising issues in both state and federal courts.

Our trademark attorneys are highly skilled litigators and transactional attorneys well versed in the nuances of trademark and unfair competition law. When a trademark dispute arises, our attorneys will fight to protect our client’s interests.



Our intellectual property litigators work to ensure that our clients’ trade secrets remain their valuable assets.

Our extensive experience and our innovative combination of intellectual property attorneys and technology experts enables us to work together with our clients to identify, protect, and defend their trade secrets – whether the issue arises out of commercial competition or employee exposure.