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intellectual property attorneys enforcing copyrights and trademarks

Scott & Scott’s intellectual property attorneys have significant experience registering, licensing, and enforcing copyrights and trademarks globally. Our combination of litigation experience and technology expertise enables us to deal with complex intellectual property issues involving software products, digital media, designs, and emerging media like social networking, blogs, and virtual communities.

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Copyright Infringement

Scott & Scott is committed to protecting our clients’ valuable intellectual property assets, including literary works, pictures, website content, and software applications. Scott & Scott’s team of experienced intellectual property attorneys can help businesses identify threats to their intellectual property rights. We monitor and police our clients' copyrights globally to reduce the risk of copyright infringement.

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Copyright Registration

Scott & Scott, LLP's copyright attorneys understand how valuable a business’ copyrights can be and have years of experience helping organizations with copyright registration. Scott & Scott assists software developers, artists, architects, inventors, authors, and businesses with global copyright registration. Our lawyers have considerable experience with the registration of literary works, including web sites and software applications.

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Intellectual Property Licensing

At Scott & Scott, we are proud of our strong track record of helping businesses draft and negotiate IP license agreements in a variety of business settings. Savvy business owners know that giving others a license to use their intellectual property can be risky. Businesses frequently find themselves without effective recourse to stop undesirable use of their intellectual property, because they did not retain sufficient control in the terms of the license agreement. Scott & Scott works with its clients to minimize the risks associated with its intellectual property licenses.

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DMCA Takedown Notices

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provides a fast and cost-effective mechanism to protect works in which you hold copyright interests, including pictures, text, and other literal expressions contained on your company’s website. That mechanism allows content owners to send notices of copyright infringement to the Internet service provider (ISP) hosting the copied content. An ISP’s failure to respond to such a notice opens it up to liability for contributory copyright infringement, so many ISPs will take quick action – often within 72 hours – to remove clearly infringing content that has been posted by their users.

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