Scott & Scott, LLP’s trademark attorneys understand how valuable a business’ trademarks can be and have years of experience helping organizations with trademark registration. Scott & Scott assists businesses that market and sell their services on the Internet. Our lawyers have considerable experience with global brand expansion and management. Leveraging the Madrid Protocol, we are now able to assist with global brand launches in a fraction of the time and expense previously required for international trademark registration. Companies that market, sell, or distribute their products or services over the Internet are advised to have an international trademark registration strategy tailored to their unique business.

U.S Trademark Registration

Scott & Scott’s trademark attorneys assist clients in obtaining federal and state trademark registrations. Our team handles every aspect of registering trademarks and service marks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, beginning with a thorough search for similar marks and identifying potential issues that may arise during the registration process to help our clients make the right decisions with respect to registration. We can also help protect marks after they have been registered by monitoring trademark applications made by others and initiating opposition and cancellation proceedings to terminate third party applications and registrations that are too similar to our clients’ trademarks and service marks. Our attorneys also handle registration and protection of Internet domain names.

International Trademark Registration

Scott & Scott represents U.S.-based companies seeking international trademark registration. In the complex world of international trademark law, our team is ready to help our clients obtain foreign trademark and service mark rights in a cost-effective way. We use tools like the Madrid Protocol to obtain international registration in up to 60 countries based on one United States registration. We developed a network of foreign associates to obtain registrations directly in various countries and the European Union.