A trademark is often one of your most valuable assets. And like any other asset, it must be protected or it can be lost. Registering a trademark is only the beginning. From a business standpoint, widespread use of the same or similar marks by others adversely affects the perception of consumers. Trademark law places the burden of policing use of a mark on the mark’s owner, and we work with you to craft and economical strategy for protecting your mark. Scott & Scott has the tools and expertise to monitor and police the  unauthorized use of your trademarks and stop it. We make it a point to look for unusual threats to your trademarks, such as cybersquatting, typosquatting, and unauthorized use of your marks in virtual worlds, social network sites, and blogs. We will help you take down websites improperly using your marks, locate and put an end to counterfeiting, and demand that infringers cease and desist infringing activities. Scott & Scott is also experienced in defending businesses against allegations of trademark infringement.