Scott & Scott is committed to protecting our clients’ valuable intellectual property assets, including those assets related to domain names, internet marketing, and search optimization. Scott & Scott’s team of experienced intellectual property attorneys can help businesses identify threats to their intellectual property rights. We monitor and police our clients’ trademarks globally to reduce the risk of typosquatting, cybersquatting, or trademark infringement related to domain names.

Trademark Protection

Scott & Scott works with companies of all sizes to proactively monitor potential threats to their trademarks.   If Scott & Scott detects a potential threat, we counsel our clients regarding possible protective measures and help formulate a strategic plan to reduce the possibility that the infringement will continue.  Specifically, we can send notices to take down websites improperly using your mark and notify infringers to cease and desist infringing activities.

Trademark Enforcement

Our team can help you enforce your trademarks, and defend you against claims of trademark infringement and unfair competition matters, such as trade dress, false designation of origin, trade secrets, and false advertising issues in both state and federal courts.  When a trademark dispute arises, our attorneys will aggressively protect your  interests.  We also understand the need to develop a cost-effective strategy, and our attorneys are also skilled in mediation, arbitration, and negotiations and strive to handle your case in the most effective and efficient way.