Copyright Infringement Technology Attorneys in Texas

Scott & Scott is committed to protecting our clients’ valuable intellectual property assets, including literary works, pictures, website content, and software applications. Scott & Scott’s team of experienced intellectual property attorneys can help businesses identify threats to their intellectual property rights.

We monitor and police our clients’ copyrights globally to reduce the risk of copyright infringement.

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Website Copyright Infringement

Scott & Scott, LLP protects its clients by vigorously pursuing companies that infringe our clients’ web site copyrights. Our web site takedown attorneys assist our clients with policing their copyrights, through aggressive use of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other international laws both nationally and internationally.

In addition, we work with content providers to ensure compliance with copyright laws, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Software Copyright Infringement

Scott & Scott, LLP represents both plaintiffs and defendants in disputes related to software copyrights. We aggressively defend companies accused of software piracy by software publishers and their trade groups such as the BSA and the SIIA.

We are also approved panel counsel for a number of well-known insurance carriers, defending businesses in copyright infringement cases.

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