Copyright Registration Technology Attorneys in Texas

Scott & Scott, LLP’s copyright attorneys understand how valuable a business’ copyrights can be and have years of experience helping organizations with copyright registration. Scott & Scott assists software developers, artists, architects, inventors, authors, and businesses with global copyright registration. Our lawyers have considerable experience with the registration of literary works, including web sites and software applications. Copyright registration is a prerequisite to filing a copyright infringement lawsuit. If you fail to register your web site with the U.S. Copyright Office, you may lose valuable rights, including: the right to statutory damages and attorney’s fees under the Copyright Act.

Web Site Copyright

Scott & Scott, LLP recommends that its clients protect their valuable copyrights, including their web sites. Under the Copyright Act, a web site is a literary work that can be registered and afforded the full protection of copyright law. Scott & Scott advises its clients to register their web sites quarterly to ensure they are protected.

Software Copyright

Scott & Scott, LLP represents software developers in connection with securing copyright registrations for software applications while preserving trade secrets related to the software source code itself. In the wake of uncertainty regarding patentability of software technology and the difficulty of litigating a trade secrets case, copyright registration is the primary vehicle for the preservation of intellectual property rights related to software.

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