Surviving Autodesk Audits

Autodesk products are used by more than 10 million architects, designers, engineers, manufacturers, and digital artists across multiple industries, including architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, automotive, media and entertainment, and utilities and telecommunications.

For every legal copy of Autodesk software sold in the marketplace, five more illegitimate copies are distributed. What does this mean for the average business? If you are using Autodesk products, you should ensure that you fully understand your obligations under Autodesk’s sometimes confusing license terms and that you have dated documentation to demonstrate ownership of each product you are using.

During this webinar Keli Johnson Swan addresses:

  • Autodesk’s Four Audit Approaches
  • The Focus of Autodesk Audits
  • Typical Autodesk Licensing Terms
  • The Impact of the Vernor Case
  • The Importance of Serial Numbers