Surpises & Gotchas in Your IBM License Agreements

Compliance Manager Summit, March 2017

During this session, Scott & Scott, LLP partner Julie Machal-Fulks discussed some of the challenges that organizations encounter when trying to ensure compliance with their IBM license agreements.

When it comes to IBM products, many companies cannot easily or quickly verify compliance, and the risks associated with IBM licensing can be severe.  For example, if a company is trying to license under IBM’s Sub-Capacity license rules and fails to adhere to all of the requirements, IBM often demands enough licenses to cover the full capacity of the computers on which the software is installed.

Julie covered the following topics during the session:

  • Determining what agreements govern the relationship
  • Sub-Capacity Licensing
  • ILMT
  • Virtualization and Load Balancing
  • How IBM acquisitions affect licensing
  • Audits