7 Myths about Software Compliance and Piracy

Karen D. Schwartz, BizTech, May 2014

Remaining in compliance with software license agreements can be a juggling act for many organizations. Many sources offer good advice, but organizations looking to take control of their software assets also must sift through at least as many misconceptions. Here are some of the most common.

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Do Vendors Use Software Audits to Scare Up New Contracts?

By Peter Procaccio, – IAITAM 

There are several items to be concerned about when facing an audit from a software publisher. Software Licenses are permissive documents – they explain what you are permitted to do. Anything else is not permitted. Most licenses have a clause that gives them to audit your system for compliance. In all case of non-compliance the real issue is keeping your “proof of purchase”. If you cannot provide a document proving that you purchased the license, that the vendor consideres valid, then in all likelyhood they consider that a breach of the license. I also take issue with Mark Zorro’s comment that the auditors are not going after those that are poor managers. That is exactly who the BSA and SIIA and the software “Swat Teams” are going after. They leave the big counterfiters to the FBI and other government agencies.

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