Scott & Scott, LLP works with companies to solve complex issues that arise in corporate transactions. Scott & Scott’s lawyers negotiate and memorialize the terms in a variety of transactions, including software and intellectual property licensing, managed services, employment and consulting, stock purchases, outsourcing, financing, and supply agreements. Our attorneys are an integral part of our clients’ transactions. We are focused on providing value and ensuring that our clients achieve their business objectives. We have experience working with energy companies, financial institutions, technology companies, managed services providers, health care providers, manufacturers, and design firms to finalize transactions.

Managed Services Contracts

Technology companies, such as software developers and managed service providers often face overwhelming obstacles in their day-to-day businesses. One of those obstacles is to provide the best products and services to their customers without jeopardizing their valuable intellectual property rights. Scott & Scott’s attorneys represent technology companies of all sizes to manage their relationships with their clients and protect their intellectual property rights.

Effective risk management starts with identifying the various sources of risk while also managing and mitigating their impact on your business and your service contracts. The main sources of risk our clients may be exposed to are:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Customers
  • Vendors and Channel Partners
  • Employees
  • Criminal Activity

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Managed service providers (MSPs) face more risks than ever before and, as a result, require more legal protections. These risks include not only data privacy and cybersecurity issues but also challenges related to technology, compliance, profitability, and vendors – not to mention ever-increasing competition. It’s a lot, but a steadfast risk management and liability-limiting plan can help pave the way for you to continue growing your business with confidence. Take the first step toward enhanced protections by consulting with a dedicated software and technology attorney today.

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The contract is a key component of a managed service provider’s relationship with clients. There may be serious reputational and legal consequences if you do not include comprehensive information that clearly details the responsibilities of both parties and reduces your risk.

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As a managed service provider (MSP), you naturally face significant risk, which makes the insurance component of your managed service agreement (MSA) critical.

Too often, MSP contracts are weak on the matter of insurance, which can leave you unnecessarily vulnerable. If you’re an MSP with contract concerns, connect with an established MSP attorney today.

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With the tightening of data protection laws that followed the introduction of GDPR over two years ago, enforcement actions have already begun to be more widespread.

Stay alert and address your policies and procedures if you have not done so already. This should include updating consumer privacy policies, developing robust incident response structures, notifying customers as policies change, understanding all data flows in your company, and tracking the developments of privacy laws.

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Cloud Contracts

Business executives recognize the benefits of cloud computing. Low upfront and maintenance costs, utility billing, on-demand scalability, and access to enterprise-level software represent clear advantages for any organization. Cloud computing can deliver greater speed, flexibility and tangible IT cost savings; three reasons why businesses should not disregard the cloud as hype.

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Service Level Agreements

Scott & Scott developed a Managed Services Legal Kit that includes Master Services Agreements and Service Level Agreements that its managed services clients can use both to define the legal relationship between the managed service provider and its clients, and also as a marketing tool during the managed service provider’s sales process. We work closely with managed services companies and other IT-related service providers to create integrated documents that effectively manage client relationships.

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Software Licensing

Scott & Scott, LLP’s technology clients rely on Scott & Scott to protect their intellectual property rights in their software products. Scott & Scott’s lawyers draft and revise software license agreements, relying on their extensive knowledge of software licensing. Our attorneys evaluate the software products, the available licensing models, make recommendations regarding licensing and royalty fees, and prepare the documents.

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Internet Marketing Contracts

Scott & Scott, LLP has the expertise to deal with issues confronting the media industry in technology and intellectual property litigation, as well as general business disputes, corporate transactions, business financing, and state and federal regulatory matters. We have successfully assisted media companies in protecting their valuable trade secrets and other intellectual property.

Mergers & Acquisition

Scott & Scott, LLP’s attorneys have experience representing technology clients on all aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Our clients seek advice and guidance on stock and asset purchases, sales, divestures, and restructurings. Scott & Scott has the technology to inventory the assets being transferred and schedule the assets so that the acquiring entity can easily prove that it is the owner of the software assets.