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Accused of software piracy by the Software & Information Industry Association? If you have been contacted by the Software & Information Industry Association, you need experienced counsel to protect your business.

Scott & Scott, LLP is one of the only U.S. firms with a dedicated practice group focusing on defending companies accused of software piracy by the Software & Information Industry Association. Our lawyers have counseled many businesses in your situation. Our lawyers have the technical and legal skills necessary to vigorously fight for your interests against SIIA.

SIIA Audit Blogs

Unpleasant Surprises in BSA & SIIA Software Audits

Christopher Barnett

Many companies who comply with a demand by a software publisher or industry association (such as the BSA or the SIIA) for an internal software audit end up facing significant settlement demands after forwarding their audit materials to the other side.

Unbundling Software Suites in SIIA Audits

Robert J. Scott

One of the most controversial tactics the SIIA uses when calculating its settlement demands is its practice of unbundling software suites such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. Unbundling occurs when the target of a SIIA audit is unable to provide acceptable proof of purchase for one or more installation of a software suite.

The Importance of “Audit Effective Date” in SIIA Audits

Robert J. Scott

One of the first things I ask a prospective client is: What is the date on the initial letter you received from the SIIA? The date on the initial in a SIIA letter is often referred to as the Audit Effective Date. This date is important for many reasons.

SIIA Audit FAQ's

Q. What is the Software & Information Industry Association?

A.  The Software & Information Industry Association is an industry trade group whose members include software giants such as Adobe, Symantec, Macromedia, and Computer Associates.

Q. What authority does the Software & Information Industry Association have to conduct audits and levy fines?

A.  The SIIA has no independent law enforcement authority of any kind. Its rights are derived from a power of attorney provided by its member software companies. Those companies have rights created by their software license agreements and under the laws protecting copyrights.

Q. What will happen if I ignore correspondence from the Software & Information Industry Association or its lawyers?

A.  The Software & Information Industry Association is well funded and very aggressive. Attempting to ignore the problem by not responding will likely make your problems worse, leaving the SIIA with no other option but to institute litigation against you and your company.

SIIA Audit Articles

Software Audit Risks – What Are The Chances Your Company Will Be Next?

There is a set of related questions our software-audit clients frequently ask us that boil down to variations on one or more of the following: Why am I being audited? What if anything did I do to cause this? How can I avoid it in the future?

Software Police Increase Enforcement: Efforts How to Protect Your Company

On the corporate high seas, piracy is everywhere. Companies are filled with computers but not enough software. When you cut costs and install programs on more than one workstation, you’re walking a thin plank.

Beware of the License Police

Shrinking IT budgets, fierce competition and a mature software market have increased the motivation for software publishers (such as Microsoft Corp., Adobe Systems Inc., Oracle) to conduct software licensing audits — investigating their customers to determine if they have purchased enough licenses.

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