Perpetual Licenses and Other Alternative Facts

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Steve Russman, IBSMA, 2/1/2017 Julie Machal-Fulks, a technology attorney with Texas firm Scott & Scott, has handled hundreds of software audits and manages the firm’s Oracle practice. She helps her clients with everything from negotiating...



Settlement Structuring for IBM Audits

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Software-compliance audits initiated by IBM can be extremely burdensome and time-consuming and can force companies to face challenges that are somewhat unique among major-publisher audits. For one example, a significant component of IBM’s business model...

The Art of Negotiating a Software Audit

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Almost every business today operates with the support of digital tools. One recent survey put the number of companies investing in digital technologies to transform their business at an astounding 97 percent. Conducting business in...



How to Assist Clients with Estimating Expenses

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Julie Machal-Fulks, Texas Lawyer, January 2017 Helpful Tips to Manage the Cost of Annual Budgets and Corporate Transactions For many corporations, the end of the year signifies that it is time to look to the coming year and identify...

3 Backup Tips to Protect Your Firm’s Data

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Julie Machal-Fulks, Texas Lawyer, 10/3/16 A law firm’s electronic data can be critical to the firm’s efficiency. If a firm’s electronic information were lost or otherwise unusable, it could hinder or even cripple the firm’s...


What’s Hidden in Your SPLA?

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MSPs have a variety of licensing options with their vendors. But, which license options are the best for your MSP practice? At the MSPAlliance MSPWorld Conference in October 2016, managed services contract guru, Julie Machal-Fulks,...