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National Business Institute Teleconference

When do you use SaaS agreements and when do you use software licensing agreements? How do you structure, draft and negotiate bullet-proof SaaS agreements? What are the key clauses that must never be left out? In this focused and practical legal program, experienced SaaS and software licensing attorney Brian Kirkpatrick will equip you with the fundamental tools needed to ensure favorable agreements - register today!

Clear Law Institute Webinar

Join Julie Machal-Fulks as she discusses how to recognize client concerns during the contract negotiation process and ensure that those concerns are addressed in the contract.

Scott & Scott Webinar

In its OEM, retail and volume license agreements, Microsoft prohibits its customers from using its products for "commercial hosting services." That prohibition leaves a major hole in Microsoft's license grant for IT and software service providers and for any other companies with customer-facing applications hosted on Microsoft infrastructure. Join Robert Scott and Christopher Barnett as they discuss Microsoft SPLA licensing and commercial hosting.

DBA Computer Law Section

Each month the Computer Law Section holds a luncheon meeting and presentation that focus on emerging trends and issues related to computers, technology, and the law, and how it relates to legal and business professionals. Join Robert Scott as he discusses software agreements and audits.

37th Annual Corporate Counsel Institute

If you are in-house counsel or represent a company on legal matters, don't miss the 37th Annual Corporate Counsel Institute. The Institute offers in-depth, practical discussions on legal issues affecting companies of all sizes.

DRI Intellectual Property Litigation Seminar

DRI is an organization of defense attorneys and in-house counsel. The Intellectual Property Litigation Committee is dedicated to meeting member needs relating to substantive law issues in patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret litigation as well as professional and business development. Join Robert Scott as he discusses what you should do upon receiving a software audit request letter.