The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) announced on February 22 that it had settled an anti-piracy lawsuit previously filed against a German eBay vendor who allegedly sold unauthorized copies of Adobe software. The German defendant's identity was concealed under the terms of the settlement agreement, but the seller agreed to pay a "five-figure sum to cover damages stop selling the unauthorized software." The SIIA had alleged in its lawsuit that the seller had violated German trademark and copyright laws by purchasing Adobe software overseas, importing the software to Germany without authorization from Adobe, and then selling the software on eBay. "The SIIA tends to be aggressive in challenging both offers and purchases of unauthorized SIIA-member software via the Internet," says Christopher Barnett, an attorney with Scott & Scott, LLP. "We regularly counsel our clients to avoid software offered via Internet auction sites, because those transactions often involve counterfeit or otherwise unauthorized software licenses. In the event of an SIIA-initiated audit, purchase records from those transactions typically are rejected as proof of license-ownership, resulting in fines that must be paid by audited businesses in order to reach a settlement." For more information, please contact Mr. Barnett at 800-596-6176 or