The Associated Press announces on January 12th that it had reached a settlement in ts copyright lawsuit against Shepard Fairey, the New York-based street artist who created the iconic "HOPE" image of Barack Obama. In a statement regarding the settlement, the AP said that "neither side surrenders its view of the law," and that the two sides have agreed "to work together going forward with the Hope image and share the rights to make the posters and merchandise bearing the Hope image." The monetary terms of the settlement were not described in the statement. According to Christopher Barnett, an attorney at Scott & Scott, LLP: "The interesting legal questions involved in this lawsuit - including the extent to which news photography deserves copyright protection and the related boundaries of 'fair use' - remain undecided. However, a March trial date in this case remains in place for the purpose of deciding related claims against companies that sold merchandise bearing the 'HOPE' image, so this litigation may yet spawn important precedent." For more information, please contact Mr. Barnett at 800-596-6176, or at